What you need to know about blank books?

Blank Book
“Blank Books are here to solve problems! Discover what blank books really are and how they can affect your life in many beautiful ways…”

Just as the name suggests, blank books are beautiful artistry books that contain no words or pictures inside. Their covers are usually designed to match the artistic and craft nature of the world. When you want to use blank books you have a variety of choices, from colouring books to calendars and organizers, from diaries and notebooks to phone books and journals and much more.

This only means that anyone can use blank books for any occasion to keep notes, draw or decorate anything in anyway they wish.

For the longest time, blank books have been known for their use as scrapbooks. If you are keen on preserving some memories and events, then what you need is a scrapbook.  When using a blank book as a scrapbook, you can cut out special pictures of you or your family members from a magazine or any other clipping before placing them inside the blank book in a beautiful design.

This is where one would want to get creative as much as possible. After placing the clippings, you can further draw pictures or decorate the blank spaces with different colors. If that is not enough, with the aid of decorating tools you can as well cut out beautiful patterns around the stacked pictures. To spice up your creativity, you may use special scissors that cut the paper in decorative ways; this enhances the look of the outer area of the paper and makes it attractive.

So next time you think of capturing memories why not use a blank book?
Scrap-booking is all about the good times. Once in a while you might have come across a book displaying pictures of the day in a wedding, birthday party, graduation and such like events that was blank book creativity at work.

I am sure you enjoyed going through the book and sharing some of the special memories that you even probably missed on that occasion.
There are also many other customized blank books for specific use. As mentioned, some of these books include coloring books, or recipe books or cocktails and drinks notebooks, calendars and daily planners and so much more.

With calendars and daily planners for instance, one can use the blank book to organize actions and events, record daily activities and future plans. These blank books usually include a template and enough blank space to write the desired text or draw your favorite shapes etc.

Other blank books are also designed to match the task they are intended for. For example there are music blank books where any composer can write music. And there are blank books which serve as recipe books, where you can write all sorts of recipes. The list goes on.

Ideally, what should come to your mind when you hear about blank books, is creativity.  Blank books allow you to be creative as much as you can without the fear of judgement or criticism. So what are you waiting for? Go grab yourself a blank book and bring out the hidden creativity in you.

Artice Source: LiveJournal

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