The magic of the Roman numerals!

The Roman numeric system comes from ancient Rome. It was a well accepted way of writing numbers in the ancient times of the Romans. This numeric system lasted for many years after the Roman empire though.

We find these numbers on many manuscripts of the Middle Ages. Numbers in this system are represented by letters of the Latin alphabet. The Roman numbers continue to be present up to this day. One of their use is in analog clocks! Have you seen this type of clocks?

The most well known numbers are those from 1 to 10:
But here’s 11 and 12:

Analog clock with Roman numbers

Discover the magic of the Roman numerals with a coloring book by Lazaros’ Blank Books!

Roman Numerals Coloring Book For Wise Children

Roman numerals coloring book for wise kids

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Roman Numerals Coloring Book for Wise Kids


View book interior samples:
Roman Numerals Coloring Book for Wise Kids

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