Why use a paperback contact book?

In today’s world most people use their mobile devices to store their contacts’ information. Others use specific software on their computers (or a spreadsheet). Even though these devices have dominated the world of information there are still people who use pen and paper to store information.

If you work for a company who has many contacts (for example if you work as a secretary) then you might want to differ from the majority of people and keep all the telephone numbers, e-mails and faxes in a notebook.

When using pen and paper to store information you can keep your contacts’ book in a safe place in your office and if your computer brakes down you can always find the contact you need and make a phone call or send a fax.

A paperback phone book can be handy even if you don’t work in an office but it happens that you have a lot people in your social circles. Then when something goes wrong with your mobile device and you need to make an immediate phone call you can take your phone book out of your purse and find the information you need.

If you still believe in the power of pen and paper then have a look at the following contact books by Lazaros’ Blank Books:

With the Complete Phone Book you can store names, land phones, mobile phones, fax numbers and e-mails for up to 300 contacts in a non alphabetical order.

Complete Phone Book (View book interior)

Complete phone book

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Complete Phone Book


With the Complete Contact Book (printed in cream paper) you can store information in alphabetical order.

Complete Contact Book (View book interior)

Complete Contact Book - Cover

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Complete Contact Book

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