Start laughing and get rid of stress and anxiety

We recently published “The Relaxation Notebook“. This semi-blank book describes powerful relaxation techniques that will help you get rid of stress and anxiety once and for all. In the book there’s plenty of space for note-keeping.

Here’s one of these relaxation methods:

Relaxation Technique #7: Start laughing
This is one of the most powerful stress-relieving exercises. All you need is to laugh out loud. With a strong belly laughter you can mentally lighten the load, plus you can lower cortisol which is the body’s stress hormone. Moreover, with a good laugh you boost your body’s endorphins which are brain chemicals that balance your mood.

You can find many things to make you laugh (e.g. a good comedy or other movie, a nice book or comic or a video online). If you want to combine a previous relaxation technique you can hang around with a person who makes you smile (highly recommended). By laughing genuinely you can easily get rid of stress and enjoy moments of happiness and fulfillment…

If you have trouble with stress and anxiety in your life then you ought to do something about it. The Relaxation Notebook is a very good start especially if you enjoy writing with pen and paper…

The Relaxation Notebook (View book interior)

The Relaxation Notebook - Front cover

The Relaxation Notebook - Book Cover

Yes! This book looks like it will help me get rid of stress once and for all… Take me to Amazon:
The Relaxation Notebook


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The Meditation Notebook

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