A bright idea for the Summer

Summer 2017 - Lazaros' Blank Books

This Summer you can travel to the land of the Gods and enjoy a beautiful holiday in the Greek islands or the Greek mainland. There you will be able to absorb the majestic energy of the 12 Olympian Gods.

You can take with you one of Lazaros’ Blank Books to help you communicate with the Gods:

The 12 Olympian Gods Drawing & Coloring Book

The 12 Olympian Gods Drawing & Coloring Book - Front cover

Yes! I think I like this book. Take me to Amazon:
The 12 Olympian Gods Drawing & Coloring Book


You can have a look at our coloring book collection:
Coloring Books

With this book you will be able to draw and color but most importantly to visualize the 12 most important Gods of the Greek Pantheon…

These weird times for humanity we are on a crossroad and we must remember our origins and our purpose as humans. And a journey to Greece where it all begun for humanity, the magical land of the 12 Olympian Gods is a great way to receive the right answers to your questions and be revived for the future ahead.

I wish everybody a beautiful and useful Summer!
Lazaros from Lazaros’ Blank Books


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