Here are a few of the latest testimonials and real life stories from friends and other people who are enjoying our books:

Congrats Lazaros for your book about orgasm. I would definitely use it to educate my patients…
Dr. Camille Peters

We celebrated Christmas & Halloween with your wonderful coloring books Lazaros! I’ll see you in Greece next Summer…
A. Markonatos

The Solar System Coloring Book is one of the most inspired coloring book for all ages…
– Mary Abraham

Thanks Lazaros, we are enjoying the Cocktails and Drinks Organizer, we are looking forward to the 2nd Edition…
– Thomas Saiganis

The Olympian Gods Drawing & Coloring Book changed the way I see the ancient world… I would like to see more books related to the 12 Greek Gods. Thank you.
– Chuck Simmons

I just ordered the Hotel Guestbook for my motel and I must admit I am really happy about it!
– Xena Branch

…This is a different coloring book!
– R. Beybell

“I really enjoyed the complete phone book. I will keep an eye on your website. Also, thank you for fast delivery.”
– Barbara Lewis

“This wedding guestbook is another one of your wonderful ideas for books…”
– J. Holsen

“The perfect diary really gave me inspiration for my next project.”
– William Beck

“We find your books/ideas very inspiring and we will keep ordering when we need a good book to write on. Thank you!”
– Tom Watford

“What an amazing diary! I love the Moon phase and compass directions artwork. Beautiful…”
– Sandra Ernstein

“Writing on a book by LBB is a wonderful experience. Keep publishing!”
– Arnold Pappas

…more testimonials coming soon…

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