Growing An Almond Tree In The Home Landscape

Growing An Almond Tree In The Home Landscape (Paperback – Full color – Edition 1)

By Lazaros’ Blank Books

Growing an almond tree

Growing an almond tree - Full cover

This is a high quality book printed in full color and formatted for the eyesight impaired. If having an almond tree in your backyard is what you’ve always wanted, then give this book a chance…

Inside you will find useful information on how to grow an almond tree like things to consider before you grow, how to grow starting either from a little tree or from seed, pruning information and harvesting details.

Book images are carefully selected so as to provide a unique experience for the book reader. There’s also a kindle version of this book at a very low price or you can buy the paperback version and get the kindle version for free. Another creation of Lazaros’ Blank Books for your pleasure… Enjoy.-

Great idea for book! Can I see it on Amazon (paperback or kindle)?

I want to see more non-blank books or semi-blank books by Lazaros’ Blank Books…

Here’s an idea… let’s have a look at some book interior samples: Continue reading “Growing An Almond Tree In The Home Landscape”

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