2021 Chinese Deities Calendar (Paperback)

2021 Chinese Deities Calendar (1st Edition – Paperback)

By Lazaros’ Blank Books

2021 Chinese Deities Calendar - Front Cover
2021 Chinese Deities Calendar - Full Cover

If you are intrigued by China’s ancient history and the vast knowledge of its people, then you must own this book as soon as possible. Inside you will find secret information about the most powerful deities that ruled over the ancient Chinese world.

You will also enjoy the blank space where you can keep notes about anything you like (yes, blank space for each day of 2021 plus even more blank space for your note keeping needs).

This semi-blank book (also a calendar-organizer-planner) also has moon phase information, yearly information, magic hours information, sacred gem stone information, ruling universal element for each month, secret symbols artwork, deities artwork and a lot more…

Another unique creation by Lazaros’ Blank Books. Comes as paperback only with matte cover and always at the right price. Get it today!

Yeap, I think I like it! Please take me to Amazon: https://amzn.to/31sphZA

It’s a nice book but I want to see more unique 2021 calendars by Lazaros’ Blank Books: https://lazarosblankbooks.com/category/calendars-organizers/

Hey, I have an idea… Let’s look at some book interior samples:

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