Cocktails & Drinks Notebook (Video)

Cocktails & Drinks Notebook Video:

By Lazaros’ Blank Books. This unique blank book will allow you to organize your cocktail recipes. It contains 4 famous cocktail recipes…

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Cocktails & Drinks Notebook


View “Cocktails & Drinks Notebook” interior…


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Grow Vegetables In Your Garden (Video)

Grow Vegetables in Your Garden video:

This book is our first attempt to publish a non-blank book. If you are interested in growing vegetables in your garden, I am sure you will find it useful.

View book interior:
Grow Vegetables in Your Garden

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Grow Vegetables in Your Garden

The Egyptian Gods Coloring Book (Video)

The Egyptian Gods Coloring Book Video:

The Egyptian Gods Coloring Book by Lazaros’ Blank Books. Discover the amazing energies of the 12 most worshipped gods of ancient Egypt!

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Any Year Calendar (video)

Any Year Calendar Video:

Any Year Calendar by Lazaros’ Blank Books. A unique calendar-planner-organizer that can be used for any Western calendar year. Just fill the gaps in the provided template and the calendar is ready…

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Any Year Calendar


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Complete Diary/Journal (video)

Complete Diary/Journal Video:

Complete Diary/Journal by Lazaros’ Blank Books. A nice and handy diary or journal for your note-keeping needs. It offers 118 pages to write your memories, thoughts and experiences.

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Complete Diary/Journal


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Isabella’s Notebook (video)

Isabella’s Notebook Video:

Isabella’s Notebook by Lazaros’ Blank Books. A powerful yet simple notebook dedicated to all Isabellas across the world.

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Isabella’s Notebook


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Lazaros’ Notebook

The Tint Diary (video)

The Tint Diary Video:

The Tint Diary by Lazaros’ Blank Books. A powerful blank book that will allow you to keep notes and write your experiences for an entire year. Printed in cream paper.

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The Tint Diary


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