Egyptian Gods Calendar 2018

Egyptian Gods Calendar 2018 (Paperback – Edition 1)

By Lazaros’ Blank Books

Egyptian Gods Calendar 2018 - Front cover

Egyptian Gods Calendar 2018 - full cover

The series of the “Egyptian Gods Calendar” continues with the year 2018. This is a year where February has no Full Moon phase. The book is another creation of Lazaros’ Blank Books dedicated to the most worshiped gods of Ancient Egypt.

It includes Moon Phase information for the entire year plus “Sun Info” with the actual date when the Sun changes astrological sign. If you enjoy coloring then this large book (8.5″x11″ or 21.59×27.94cm) will allow you to color the figures of the 12 entities.

You can also use it as a yearly organizer/planner as it has blank space for each day of 2018. A unique calendar for unique people and always at the right price. Enjoy.

This looks like an amazing Calendar-Organizer, can I order it from Amazon?

I want to see more similar books from Lazaros’ Blank Books:
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Here’s an idea… Let’s have a look at some book interior samples:

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