Hotel Guestbook

Hotel Guestbook (Paperback – Edition 1)

By Lazaros’ Blank Books

Hotel Guestbook - Book cover

hotel guestbook - book cover

If you are a hotel owner then this book is a great way to connect with your customers. It has a template and the hotel customers will easily fill the gaps (Name, Room, Check-In Date, Check-Out Date, Comments, Signature) and allow you to keep a record of opinions, ratings, comments etc.

This heavy blank book (8.5″x11″ or 21.59×27.94cm) made a lot of sales since 2016 when it was first published. Another creation of Lazaros’ Blank Books. Comes with matte cover and a lot of love. If you like quality then order it. It’s a bargain and you will definitely feel satisfied…

I find this blank book interesting. Please take me to Amazon:
Hotel Guestbook

Let’s have a look at some book interior samples:

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