Complete Contact Book

Complete Contact Book (Paperback – Edition 1)

By Lazaros’ Blank Books

Complete Contact Book - Cover

Complete contact book - book cover

Store information about 300+ contacts in alphabetical order. This is a handy blank book (printed in cream paper) where you only need to fill the gaps in the provided template. We know that most contacts’ data is stored in digital form these days but if you want to be 100% safe even when there’s a power outage or if your hard disk fails, you need to have data written on paper. This blank book will help you do just that…

This is another creation of Lazaros’ Blank Books. Comes with matte cover and always at the right price.- Hope you enjoy it.

Yes! I need a book like this one… Take me to Amazon:
Complete Contact Book


I don’t like alphabetical order, I need to see another book:
Complete Phone Book

Let’s have a look at some book interior samples:

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