Greek Alphabet Coloring Book (2nd Edition Paperback)

Greek Alphabet Coloring Book (2nd Edition Paperback)

By Lazaros’ Blank Books

Greek Alphabet Coloring Book (2nd Edition) - Front Cover
Greek Alphabet Coloring Book (2nd Edition) - Full Cover

This is the 2nd Edition of the well known “Greek Alphabet Coloring Book” (one of our first publications).

In the 2nd Edition we have greatly improved the look & feel of this coloring book and we have made it good for all ages, especially those who are interested in learning Greek or those who like Greece and the Greek language from which all other languages of the western world derived…

Get it now at a very special price from Amazon. Comes with matte cover finish. Another unique creation by Lazaros’ Blank Books. Enjoy.- 📙🦄📚💙 Ω

Yes! I like it. Take me to Amazon:

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Here’s an idea… Let’s look at some book interior samples:

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