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Lazaros Georgoulas – Publisher

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Lazaros Georgoulas - Lazaros' Blank Books

So you want to use good old Amazon to purchase our blank books? You can visit our updated on-site eStore or have a look at our Amazon Author Page

Here’s our Createspace eStore and Amazon “Author Bio”:

“Lazaros creates blank books for a variety of situations from diaries, journals, calendars, organizers to wedding guestbooks, phone books, contact books, coloring books and more. Lazaros and his team have so many great ideas for blank and semi-blank books (and even some non-blank ones). His #1 goal is to offer a great user experience to those who will get his books. The whole book creation process is powered by Createspace (an Amazon company). Feel free to browse his bookstore lazarosblankbooks.com to see all the available titles. Alternatively, visit his Amazon author page and order books via Amazon. Thank you for your interest in Lazaros’ Blank Books…”


From the year 2019 all of our calendars will come as both paperback and Kindle and mobile devices version… Learn more…

Do you want to know more about blank books in general? We wrote this blank books article to inform and inspire you.

Discover the power of keeping a diary or journal and creating a personal side of world’s history…

BridieGirl (NYC Lady) and NefretitiM, two girls from New York interviewed Lazaros about his blank books: PART I, PART II, PART III

November 1, 2016 – The day when the “2017 Planets Calendar & Organizer” became #1 New Release in Amazon’s categories

Thank you for your interest in Lazaros’ Blank Books!


 2017 Planets Calendar & Organizer - Front cover
Get it from Amazon
View book interior
Carrot mini growing guide - front cover
Get it from Amazon
View book interior
 The Amazing Gift Logger - Book cover
Get it from Amazon
View book interior
 Complete Diary - Journal - Book cover
Get it from Amazon
View book interior
 Thoughts & Ideas Gatherer - Book cover
Get it from Amazon
View book interior
 Hotel Guestbook - Book cover
Get it from Amazon
View book interior

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