Discover the magic of Chinese astrology with a coloring book!

One of the most empowering astrological system of all times is Chinese astrology and the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac. People of ancient times who lived in the vast land of China wanted to interpret the connection between planet earth and the suns which surround us. And they gave names and assigned associations to those suns (stars). From these interpretations derived Chinese astrology, the lunisolar calendar, the Yin Yang philosophy and many other arts and sciences.

As a gesture of respect towards Chinese astrology we, here at Lazaros’ Blank Books have created a coloring book which includes coloring pages related to the 12 animals/signs of the Chinese zodiac and text pages with the legend of how these animals were selected by great Emperor Jade…

Discover the magic behind the 12 Chinese zodiac signs and have the time of your life with this amazing coloring book (one of our best sellers)!

The 12 Chinese Signs Coloring Book

12 Chinese Signs Coloring Book - Book cover

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The 12 Chinese Signs Coloring Book


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The 12 Chinese Signs Coloring Book


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The 12 Chinese Signs Coloring Book


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A girl interviews Lazaros (part III)

Hello this is Lazaros from Lazaros’ Blank Books. NefretitiM interviewed me the other day about two of my blank books, the Fairy’s Notebook and the 12 Chinese Signs Coloring Book. Here is the interview related to The 12 Chinese Signs Coloring Book:

The 12 chinese signs coloring book cover

NefretitiM: Today on Literary Links we have the creator of The 12 Chinese Signs coloring book” Tell us Lazaros What inspired you to write these books?

Lazaros Blank Books: I used to know a Chinese astrologer with many years
of experience. She helped me during difficult times and this coloring book
was inspired by her.

NefretitiM: Wow interesting. How did you come up with the title?

Lazaros: I love astrology and especially the Chinese Zodiac and I wanted to create a book that would be simple and educative. The result of this desire is the “The 12 Chinese Signs Coloring Book”

NefretitiM: What genre does this book fit into?

Lazaros: I believe this is a book for all ages and it should belong to
“Coloring Books”

NefretitiM: What influenced your interest in writing?

Lazaros: As a coloring book the “12 Chinese Signs Coloring Book” doesn’t
have much text in it but it includes the myth of how Emperor Jade selected
the 12 animals in the first place.

NefretitiM: What is the writing process like for you?

Lazaros: My books are creations that are published to solve people’s
problems. I follow a dedicated plan and I see each book as a separate

NefretitiM: What do you like to do when you are not writing?

Lazaros: I surf the web looking for new ideas for blank books.

NefretitiM: What tips or words of encouragement do you have for other

Lazaros: Write or create your books one step at a time and be patient because good things take some time but the result is wonderful. Never give up.

NefretitiM: That’s good advice. Thanks for joining us. Get your copy of the “The 12 Chinese Signs Coloring Book” today at


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A girl interviews Lazaros (part II)

Hello this is Lazaros from Lazaros’ Blank Books. NefretitiM interviewed me the other day about two of my blank books, the Fairy’s Notebook and the 12 Chinese Signs Coloring Book. Here is the interview related to the Fairy’s Notebook:

Order the fairy's notebook

NefretitiM: Today on LiteraryLinks we have the creator of “The Fairy’s Notebook” What inspired you to write this book?

Lazaros: I wanted to create a book dedicated to the idea of “Fairies”. I used to believe in fairies when I was young. My childhood is where the inspiration came from.

NefretitiM: How did you come up with the title?

Lazaros: This organizer/notebook is dedicated to the fairy I used to believe in when I was a child. “The Fairy’s Notebook” invites everyone to start keeping notes in a quality book printed in cream paper.

NefretitiM: What genre does this book fit into?

Lazaros:”The Fairy’s Notebook” is a blank book that can help people with their note keeping needs.

NefretitiM: What infuenced your interest in writing?

Lazaros: I recalled memories from my childhood when the world was much different for me that it was in reality. These memories influenced me as a was designing this blank book.

NefretitiM: What is the writing process like for you?

Lazaros: Here in “Lazaros’ Blank Books” we see each published title as a separate project that is created to solve people’s problems. For example when you are in need of some paper to write on, then comes “The Fairy’s Notebook” which will offer a unique writing experience.

NefretitiM: What do you like to do when you are not writing?

Lazaros: I like to take walks near the river in the city where I live in North Greece. I also surf the web a lot and I try to find ways to improve my publications.

NefretitiM: Nice.. Thanks for joining us again, your coloring books seem to be quite awesome.   Get your copy of “The Fairy’s Notebook” @


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A girl interviews Lazaros in New York (part I)

Hello this is Lazaros from Lazaros’ Blank Books. I was recently interviewed by two girls. They asked me nice and to the point questions and I gave my best self to provide some meaningful answers. Here are those interviews:

First Interview:

Lazaros’ Blank Books Interview

BridieGirl talks about the interview:

We had the chance to  chat with Lazaros Georgoulas.  He owns a publishing company. His website is He creates and publishes problem-solving blank books for all situations. he has a blog and an eStore powered by Amazon’s Createspace platform. sells blank books at affordable prices, for example diaries, organizers, journals, coloring books, notebooks, music books, wedding books, guestbooks, calendars and much more.

Lazaros got the idea for blank books from being a publisher of a local newspaper. Lazaros loves publishing. He noticed that people use blank books often whether in their work/office (e.g. an organizer) or at home (e.g. a diary). He also observed that people love to buy items online. When Amazon launched the Createspace website to help publishers, Lazaros immediately felt  he should tap into the blank books market. creates all sorts of blank books for different occasions like coloring books for children of all ages, calendars, journals and general notebooks for people who love to write, recipe books, magic spell books, wedding guestbooks and hotel guestbooks, contact/phone books, photo books and many more.  The store constantly tries to come up with new blank book ideas for our customers.

The store’s best seller so far is the Cocktails and Drinks Organizer, a blank book that allows you to store cocktails and drinks recipes. People also seem to like the coloring books as they are somewhat different, for example the Chinese zodiac coloring book, Western zodiac coloring book, the Greek alphabet coloring book and the Roman Numerals Coloring Book.

Lazaros’ Blank Books also offers password managers and contact books to help organize sensitive/important information. Another one of his creations is the Book of Wishes, a book to help gather all your wishes and visualize them coming true. Moreover, the store has semi-blank books like the Relaxation Notebook which describes top relaxation techniques or the Meditation Notebook which helps people easily perform meditation sessions. Please visit (and of course the eStore) for all the details.


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Start laughing and get rid of stress and anxiety

We recently published “The Relaxation Notebook“. This semi-blank book describes powerful relaxation techniques that will help you get rid of stress and anxiety once and for all. In the book there’s plenty of space for note-keeping.

Here’s one of these relaxation methods:

Relaxation Technique #7: Start laughing
This is one of the most powerful stress-relieving exercises. All you need is to laugh out loud. With a strong belly laughter you can mentally lighten the load, plus you can lower cortisol which is the body’s stress hormone. Moreover, with a good laugh you boost your body’s endorphins which are brain chemicals that balance your mood. You can find many things to make you laugh (e.g. a good comedy or other movie, a nice book or comic or a video online). If you want to combine a previous relaxation technique you can hang around with a person who makes you smile (highly recommended). By laughing genuinely you can easily get rid of stress and enjoy moments of happiness and fulfillment…

If you have trouble with stress and anxiety in your life then you ought to do something about it. The Relaxation Notebook is a very good start especially if you enjoy writing with pen and paper…

The Relaxation Notebook (View book interior)

The Relaxation Notebook - Front cover

The Relaxation Notebook - Book Cover

Yes! This book looks like it will help me get rid of stress once and for all… Take me to CreateSpace:


Get this amazing semi-blank book from Amazon:
The Relaxation Notebook

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10 benefits of using a diary or journal and writing with pen and paper

Before the age of the internet many people kept a personal diary or journal. That was the best way to record what was happening during the day, write observations, goals, dreams etc. By using a diary, people created a personal side of the world’s history.

Nowdays, people maintain blogs and record their thoughts and experiences in social networks. Only a few of them use pen and paper disregarding the power of “real” writing. Here are a few of the benefits of keeping a diary or journal in your everyday life:

1. A diary or journal is like a personal, written photo album. It’s like taking photos of what you see and feel. You can record all kinds of special events (e.g. celebrations) in as much or as little detail according to your desires.

2. Every day we live is a special day. But people find most days boring because nothing important happens. By keeping a diary you can dicover the wonderful parts of each and every day.

3. A diary is the best place to record your thoughts, feelings and experiences. By writing, you can remember how you’ve felt in certain situations or during specific events. This way you can have improved memories of your life and activities.

4. Diaries and journals are a kind of therapy, especially when you encounter bad days. Instead of keeping your thoughts to yourself you can get them out by writing them in paper. This is the best way to think about things more clearly and make improved decisions about your life.

5. Keeping a diary helps you empower your good days. Make a coffee or tea, sit down on a comfortable chair and take a few minutes just for yourself and your journal. You will notice how great this feels.

6. Do you want your writing skills improved? Practice writing on paper. It is a great way to achieve improvement. If you practice writing on your diary then you will discover how rewarding this is.

7. Using a diary is perfect if you want to learn a foreign language. You can write anything you want in any language you want improving your vocabulary. You don’t have to worry about mistakes. Your writing can become very personal and it is only for you, nobody else!

8. Most people find it hard to appreciate their achievements. By writing down what has happened during certain days, helps you to realize the importance of your actions.

9. A diary or journal can help you correct your mistakes. When you record your life and then recall what has happened, you can better understand things you could have done better.

10. By writing down your thoughts, feelings and experiences you can see how you are developing as a person. If for example you keep a diary for one year you can then go back and read what you have written and measure your progress in life.

So you want to take advantage of the 10 benefits above? Next time you want to buy a gift for yourself, go get a blank diary or journal and start recording your thoughts, experiences and feelings.

Lazaros owns Lazaros’ Blank Books and creates all kinds of blank books for a variety of situations/occasions. From diaries, journals and notebooks to coloring books, music books and organizers. Find the blank book you need by visiting his eStore at

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What you need to know about blank books?

“Blank Books are here to solve problems! Discover what blank books really are and how they can affect your life in many beautiful ways…”
Just as the name suggests, blank books are beautiful artistry books that contain no words or pictures inside. Their covers are usually designed to match the artistic and craft nature of the world. When you want to use blank books you have a variety of choices, from colouring books to calendars and organizers, from diaries and notebooks to phone books and journals and much more. This only means that anyone can use blank books for any occasion to keep notes, draw or decorate anything in anyway they wish.
For the longest time, blank books have been known for their use as scrapbooks. If you are keen on preserving some memories and events, then what you need is a scrapbook.  When using a blank book as a scrapbook, you can cut out special pictures of you or your family members from a magazine or any other clipping before placing them inside the blank book in a beautiful design. This is where one would want to get creative as much as possible. After placing the clippings, you can further draw pictures or decorate the blank spaces with different colours. If that is not enough, with the aid of decorating tools you can as well cut out beautiful patterns around the stacked pictures. To spice up your creativity, you may use special scissors that cut the paper in decorative ways; this enhances the look of the outer area of the paper and makes it attractive.
So next time you think of capturing memories why not use a blank book?
Scrapbooking is all about the good times. Once in a while you might have come across a book displaying pictures of the day in a wedding, birthday party, graduation and such like events that was blank book creativity at work. I am sure you enjoyed going through the book and sharing some of the special memories that you even probably missed on that occasion.
There are also many other customised blank books for specific use. As mentioned, some of these books include colouring books, or recipe books or cocktails and drinks notebooks, calendars and daily planners and so much more. With calendars and daily planners for instance, one can use the blank book to organize actions and events, record daily activities and future plans. These blank books usually include a template and enough blank space to write the desired text or draw your favourite shapes etc.
Other blank books are also designed to match the task they are intended for. For example there are music blank books where any composer can write music. And there are blank books which serve as recipe books, where you can write all sorts of recipes. The list goes on. Ideally, what should come to your mind when you hear about blank books, is creativity.  Blank books allow you to be creative as much as you can without the fear of judgement or criticism. So what are you waiting for? Go grab yourself a blank book and bring out the hidden creativity in you.

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