10 benefits of using a diary or journal and writing with pen and paper

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Before the age of the internet many people kept a personal diary or journal. That was the best way to record what was happening during the day, write observations, goals, dreams etc. By using a diary, people created a personal side of the world’s history.

Nowdays, people maintain blogs and record their thoughts and experiences in social networks. Only a few of them use pen and paper disregarding the power of “real” writing. Here are a few of the benefits of keeping a diary or journal in your everyday life:

1. A diary or journal is like a personal, written photo album. It’s like taking photos of what you see and feel. You can record all kinds of special events (e.g. celebrations) in as much or as little detail according to your desires.

2. Every day we live is a special day. But people find most days boring because nothing important happens. By keeping a diary you can dicover the wonderful parts of each and every day.

3. A diary is the best place to record your thoughts, feelings and experiences. By writing, you can remember how you’ve felt in certain situations or during specific events. This way you can have improved memories of your life and activities.

4. Diaries and journals are a kind of therapy, especially when you encounter bad days. Instead of keeping your thoughts to yourself you can get them out by writing them in paper. This is the best way to think about things more clearly and make improved decisions about your life.

5. Keeping a diary helps you empower your good days. Make a coffee or tea, sit down on a comfortable chair and take a few minutes just for yourself and your journal. You will notice how great this feels.

6. Do you want your writing skills improved? Practice writing on paper. It is a great way to achieve improvement. If you practice writing on your diary then you will discover how rewarding this is.

7. Using a diary is perfect if you want to learn a foreign language. You can write anything you want in any language you want improving your vocabulary. You don’t have to worry about mistakes. Your writing can become very personal and it is only for you, nobody else!

8. Most people find it hard to appreciate their achievements. By writing down what has happened during certain days, helps you to realize the importance of your actions.

9. A diary or journal can help you correct your mistakes. When you record your life and then recall what has happened, you can better understand things you could have done better.

10. By writing down your thoughts, feelings and experiences you can see how you are developing as a person. If for example you keep a diary for one year you can then go back and read what you have written and measure your progress in life.

So you want to take advantage of the 10 benefits above? Next time you want to buy a gift for yourself, go get a blank diary or journal and start recording your thoughts, experiences and feelings.

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