When new ideas/thoughts strike your mind…

You know. It happens to all of us. I am talking about that moment when a new idea strikes your mind and you know it is a good one. This new thought should be immediately joted down so it won’t be lost. Sometimes our mind plays weird games and if you don’t write that idea somewhere you are bound to forget it!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a good notebook in your purse so you can immediately write down all these new ideas/thoughts ?

Imagine working on a new project and your mind is full of new ideas. Then you definitely need a notebook to organize the whole thing. We recommend the “Thoughts & Ideas Gatherer“. Inside this blank book you will find a template that will help you gather and organize all these brilliant ideas that pop out of your mind. Try it today!

Thoughts & Ideas Gatherer

Thoughts & Ideas Gatherer - Book cover

Thoughts & ideas gatherer - book cover

Get it from Amazon: Thoughts & Ideas Gatherer


You can also try a similar book, the “Thought Collector“…

Thought Collector - Book cover

Thought Collector - Book Cover

Get it from Amazon: Thought Collector

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