A girl interviews Lazaros in New York (part I)

Hello this is Lazaros from Lazaros’ Blank Books. I was recently interviewed by two girls. They asked me nice and to the point questions and I gave my best self to provide some meaningful answers. Here are those interviews:

First Interview:

Lazaros’ Blank Books Interview


BridieGirl talks about the interview:

We had the chance to  chat with Lazaros Georgoulas.  He owns a publishing company. His website is lazarosblankbooks.com. He creates and publishes problem-solving blank books for all situations. he has a blog and an eStore powered by Amazon’s Createspace platform.

lazarosblankbooks.com sells blank books at affordable prices, for example diaries, organizers, journals, coloring books, notebooks, music books, wedding books, guestbooks, calendars and much more.

Lazaros got the idea for blank books from being a publisher of a local newspaper. Lazaros loves publishing. He noticed that people use blank books often whether in their work/office (e.g. an organizer) or at home (e.g. a diary). He also observed that people love to buy items online. When Amazon launched the Createspace website to help publishers, Lazaros immediately felt  he should tap into the blank books market.

lazarosblankbooks.com creates all sorts of blank books for different occasions like coloring books for children of all ages, calendars, journals and general notebooks for people who love to write, recipe books, magic spell books, wedding guestbooks and hotel guestbooks, contact/phone books, photo books and many more.  The store constantly tries to come up with new blank book ideas for our customers.

The store’s best seller so far is the Cocktails and Drinks Organizer, a blank book that allows you to store cocktails and drinks recipes. People also seem to like the coloring books as they are somewhat different, for example the Chinese zodiac coloring book, Western zodiac coloring book, the Greek alphabet coloring book and the Roman Numerals Coloring Book.

Lazaros’ Blank Books also offers password managers and contact books to help organize sensitive/important information. Another one of his creations is the Book of Wishes, a book to help gather all your wishes and visualize them coming true. Moreover, the store has semi-blank books like the Relaxation Notebook which describes top relaxation techniques or the Meditation Notebook which helps people easily perform meditation sessions. Please visit lazarosblankbooks.com (and of course the eStore) for all the details.


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