Planets Calendar & Organizer/Planner 2022 (Paperback & Hardcover)

Planets Calendar & Organizer/Planner 2022 (Edition 1)

By Lazaros’ Blank Books

Planets Calendar & Organizer/Planner 2022 - Front cover
Planets Calendar & Organizer/Planner 2022 - Full cover

We started publishing the series of the “Planets Calendar & Organizer Planner” in 2017 and it immediately “touched” readers across the world. The 2017 edition became #1 new release in Amazon categories in just a few days…

This is a unique semi-blank book dedicated to the planets of our solar system. We also include our moon as one of the planets and we leave out important planets like Pluto, Ceres & Vista.

It can also play the role of a coloring book for all ages as it allows you to color the beautiful artwork of the planets. Inside you will find lots of astronomical and astrological information like when the sun changes constellation and sign every month, detailed moon phase info and solstice-equinox info, ruling planet for every month, historical data and more…

Of course you will also find lots of blank space to cover your note keeping needs. For the year 2022 we published this book as hardcover (not only as paperback). Comes with matte cover finish and always at the right price. Enjoy.-

Cool! I want the paperback version of this mini-almanac now:

Can I order the hardcover version instead? Give me the Amazon link:

I want to see more calendars/organizers for 2022 by Lazaros’ Blank Books:

Here’s an idea… Let’s look at some book interior snapshots:

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Solar System Coloring Book

Solar System Coloring Book (Paperback – Edition 1)

By Lazaros’ Blank Books

Solar system coloring book - Front cover

Solar system coloring book - Full cover

Travel to the planets of our solar system with 7 different spaceships and enjoy a wonderful coloring experience. A coloring book for all ages…

Yes! It really looks interesting… I would like to order this coloring book from Amazon:


Check out our coloring books collection:
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Shall we have a look at some book interior samples?

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