Complete Diary/Journal (video)

Complete Diary/Journal Video:

Complete Diary/Journal by Lazaros’ Blank Books. A nice and handy diary or journal for your note-keeping needs. It offers 118 pages to write your memories, thoughts and experiences.

Yes! This blank book is all I need. Take me to Amazon:
Complete Diary/Journal


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Complete Diary/Journal

Complete Diary/Journal (Paperback – Edition 1)

By Lazaros’ Blank Books

Complete Diary - Journal - Book cover

Complete Diary/Journal - Book cover

A wonderful diary/journal with 118 pages for pure note keeping. Inside the book you will find beautiful Moon Phase and Four” Compass Directions” artwork. We have placed a lot of love in the creation of this blank book and we highly recommend it if you want something special to write on.

The book is relatively small (6″x9″ or 15.24×22.86cm) and comes with matte cover and always at the right price… Enjoy.-

I like this Diary/Journal. Take me to Amazon:
Complete Diary/Journal


Check out the XL version of the Complete Diary/Journal:
Complete Diary/Journal XL


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