2018 Planets Calendar & Organizer

2018 Planets Calendar & Organizer (Paperback – Edition 1)

By Lazaros’ Blank Books

2018 Planets Calendar & Organizer - Front cover

2018 Planets Calendar & Organizer - Full cover

The series of the “Planets Calendar & Organizer” continues with the year 2018. This unique semi-blank book has full moon support, indication about the day when the astrological sign changes each month, beautiful planet artwork and note keeping space for every day of 2018 and even more note keeping space.

Apart from being a calendar and  organizer this book can serve the purpose of a coloring book of the nine planets of our solar system… Comes with matte cover and always at the right price. Another creation of Lazaros’ Blank Books for your pleasure. Enjoy.

Looks like a wonderful and unique book. I want it from Amazon:

I want to see more similar books by Lazaros’ Blank Books:
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Here’s an idea… Let’s have a look at some book interior samples:

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