Hermes’ Sacred Notepad

Hermes’ Sacred Notepad (Paperback – Edition 1)

By Lazaros’ Blank Books

Hermes' Sacred Notepad - Front cover

Hermes' Sacred Notepad - Full cover

The main reason for publishing these notepads is because we love the 12 Olympian Gods so much. So here we have Hermes’ Sacred Notepad, a blank book with a 100 pages for pure note keeping.

Inside the book you will also find an introduction with useful info about the great ancient god Hermes of Greece. This notebook, diary or whatever you want to call it comes with matte cover and always at the right price. Another creation of Lazaros’ Blank Books for your pleasure. Enjoy…

OK, I like it… Please take me to Amazon:


I would rather check Athena’s Sacred Notepad, Apollon’s Sacred Notepad or Zeus’ Sacred Notepad

Here’s an idea. Why don’t we take a look at some book interior samples?

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Why use a paperback contact book?

In today’s world most people use their mobile devices to store their contacts’ information. Others use specific software on their computers (or a spreadsheet). Even though these devices have dominated the world of information there are still people who use pen and paper to store information.

If you work for a company who has many contacts (for example if you work as a secretary) then you might want to differ from the majority of people and keep all the telephone numbers, e-mails and faxes in a notebook.

When using pen and paper to store information you can keep your contacts’ book in a safe place in your office and if your computer brakes down you can always find the contact you need and make a phone call or send a fax. Continue reading “Why use a paperback contact book?”

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